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My OTP/OTPS: Delena and Klaroline


The Vampire Diaries
04x18 - American Gothic

Elena has officially gone crazy.. and my baby KLAUS! DDDDD”: WTF are you doing with Hayley! I bet any money Caroline gets jealous!Im praying….

If I were to make a Vampire Diaries Fanfic which pairing should I do? I refuse to do Stelena Cause I cant stand Stefan and if I were to make one id probably make Stefan the bad guy. I dont want that. Give me ideas to who i should write about! Ill let you know if I come up with a plot and ill tell you my pairing if I get enough people to answer and help me out c:

It’s okay to have hope… because sometimes that’s all that keeps me going.

Bonnie: Why did you have to get involved?

Jeremy: Because I didn’t want you to get hurt.

Bonnie: Jeremy… You can’t feel that way about me. 

Jeremy: No. (shaking his head)

Bonnie: What?

Jeremy: Don’t act like this is one-sided, like I’m some kid who has a crush on his sister’s friend. You could have died today.

Bonnie: And you almost did.

Jeremy: That was a chance I was willing to take.

~ The Sacrifice (AMG Jeremy is so sweet♥)


Jeremy: Should we, uh, wait for Caroline?

Bonnie: She was just gonna drop Luka off at the Grill, said to lock the door on our way out.

Jeremy: Yeah, well I hope she drops him hard.

Bonnie: Wait. You’re Elena’s little brother. I’ve known you forever. You’re that punk kid. And remember your awkward phase, and then your emo phase; your druggie phase. And overnight you’ve turned into this hot guy who’s really sweet and -

Jeremy: You think I’m hot?

Bonnie: With everything that’s going on, you know, curses and sacrifice -

Jeremy: Enough already.

(They kiss)


~ Crying Wolf


Jeremy: (taking off his ring to give it to Bonnie) I want you to have this.

Bonnie: If you’re asking me to go steady, I think that was the ’50s.

Jeremy: No, I’m serious, Bonnie.

Bonnie: The ring won’t work on me, Jeremy.

Jeremy: But it was made by a witch.

Bonnie: To protect from the supernatural, not for someone who is.

Jeremy: I have to do something, I can’t just… I can’t just let you get yourself killed.

~The Last Dance

(Sorry Not As Many As For the Other One :c)

Joseph Morgan Ships Them! O _O ~Faints~ c: heh

Joseph Morgan Ships Them! O _O ~Faints~ c: heh

Spoilers For People Who Haven’t Watched Recent Episodes!!  

Klaus: Oh, come on. Take a chance, Caroline. Talk to me. Come on, get to know me. I dare you.

Caroline: Fine. So, what do you wanna talk about?

Klaus: I wanna talk about you. (Caroline scoffs) Your hopes, your dreams. Everything you want in life.

Caroline: (laughs) Just to be clear, I’m too smart to be seduced by you.

Klaus: Well, that’s why I like you!

~ All My Children


 Literally Died During This! 

(Caroline super speeds Klaus/Tyler into a tree and they begin to make out)

Caroline: I never thought I’d see you again! I don’t get it. How are you alive?

Klaus/Tyler: This is going to sound incredible, but I….

(Caroline silences him with a kiss)

Klaus/Tyler: But…

(Klaus/Tyler stops trying to talk and super speeds Caroline into a tree. They continue to kiss. Caroline helps Klaus/Tyler take off his jacket and shirt. Klaus/Tyler pulls away)

Klaus/Tyler: Easy, love. Wrong time. Wrong place. Wrong equipment.

Caroline: But you’re miraculously alive. We’re fugitives on the run. All signs point to hot hybrid vampire sex.

(Caroline removes her jacket and continues to kiss him. She super speeds him into another tree. She pulls away for a minute to take her shirt off. She starts kissing him again, but suddenly stops)

Caroline: Did you just call me love?

Klaus/Tyler: I don’t know, love. Did I?

Caroline: What the hell did you do to Tyler?!

(Caroline removes her hands from Klaus/Tyler neck and pushes them against his chest in anger)

Klaus/Tyler: That’s what I enjoy about you. So much more than a pretty face.

Caroline: Oh my God, you’re Klaus. You’re disgusting!

(Caroline takes her hands off him completely and backs away)

Klaus/Tyler: And you’re a glorious kisser.

(Caroline punched him)

Klaus/Tyler: Listen, I didn’t have to risk exposure to come save you.

(Caroline turns around and starts to put her shirt back on)

Caroline: Oh, you do one semi-decent thing and now you’re my hero? Oh, I need to go sanitize my mouth!

Klaus/Tyler: Your mouth was all over me. I was an innocent victim!

(Caroline faces him)

Caroline: Put Tyler back!

Klaus/Tyler: Gladly. Then maybe I’ll take you up on your offer of hot hybrid sex.

(Klaus/Tyler looks at her, smirks and walks away)


~ Growing Pains (4x01)


Caroline: Would you ever take it?

Klaus: Now, why would I want to cure myself of being the most powerful 

creature on the planet, hmm?

Caroline: So, there’s not one single moment in your whole life that you wanted to be human? 

Klaus: (opens the bottle, then stands up and takes a paper from the suit) How about you? Life used to be a lot easier. Don’t you missed the days of being …”chair of the Mystic Falls beautification committee” and the “director of the policeman’s yearly raffle”?

Caroline: (tries to grab the paper from him) Is that my Miss Mystic application? Where did you get that? 

Klaus: “When I am chosen, I intend to redefine excellence”, now I’m really enjoying your use of “when” here. It’s very confident.

Caroline: Mm hmm.

Klaus: “And above all, I promise to aspire, inspire and perspire.” Obviously, we found a shortage of words ending in “spire”.

Caroline: Yeah. It’s very funny. It’s hilarious. Just … Hahaha


~ My Brother’s Keeper (4x07)


Caroline: How could you do this to him? To his mom? To me?

Klaus: I’m a thousand years old. Call it boredom.

Caroline: I don’t believe you.

Klaus: Fine. Then maybe it’s because I’m pure evil…and I can’t help myself.

Caroline: No. It’s because you’re hurt.

(Klaus finally turns his head to look at her)

Caroline: Which means that there is a part of you that is human.

(Klaus walks over to her and sits down beside her)

Klaus: How could you possibly think that? 

Caroline: Because I’ve seen it. Because I’ve caught myself wishing that I could forget all the horrible things that you’ve done.

Klaus: But you can’t…can you?

Caroline: I know that you’re in love with me…and anybody capable of love is capable of being saved.

Klaus (turning his head away): You’re hallucinating.

Caroline: I guess I’ll never know.

(She whimpers slightly in pain, and Klaus turns back to face her with concern on his face)

Klaus: Caroline?

(Her body jerks before being still)

Klaus: Caroline?

(She whimpers softly and Klaus sighs before gently lifting her onto the couch. He bites into his wrist and holds it against her lips and she begins to drink. Klaus strokes her hair soothingly as her hands wrap around his arm for leverage.)


~Into The Wild (4x13)


(Caroline is still sitting on the porch swing. The front door opens and Klaus comes outside; the spell keeping him inside has worn off.)

Caroline: How did you get out?

Klaus: I fear something awful has befallen your friend Bonnie. (He starts to approach her and Caroline tenses reflexively.) Don’t worry, love. You know I’d never hurt you.

Caroline: You’ve done enough.

Klaus: I’ve done more than enough. I’ve shown kindness, forgiveness, pity… because of you, Caroline. It was all for you.

(Caroline says nothing. They stare at each other for a moment, then Klaus nods his head and leaves.)

~Down the Rabbit Hole (4x14)


Julie Plec: Let's give them some small but very meaningfull Klaroline scenes.
Julie Plec: Are they all very excited and can't wait for what will happen next? Great! No Klaroline in the next episodes. Even better no Klaus.
Julie Plec: But let's give them a big but undefined spoiler so they can be happy and worried at the same time
Julie Plec: Hahaha i tricked Klaroline again
Julie Plec: Ahhh i LOVE my job!